Saturday, September 13, 2014

Makeovers are Part of the Package

Lizzy and Lily did just fine. We worried that the long-haired dog and cat would be upset and difficult to hold during much-needed grooming sessions. However, that motto “prepare for the worst, expect the best” soon came true. Both available animals were calm, appreciative and mostly sat pretty still for their haircuts and baths. Lizzy’s major trim highlights her standout markings; Lily’s shave-down showcases her distinctive shape.

Others cats with new looks include Candy the white Persian plus black cats Annie, Earl and Jazie Boy-and-girl buddies Banshee and Shiva are currently in the “medium stage” as their natural styles grow out a bit. Some lucky canines here are literally feeling cooler these days as well.

Rescued longtimers Ethan and Rusty are two recent benefactors of complete clips and careful razor work.

Our kennel director is talented, efficient and thorough doing these makeovers. Before being placed in adoptive homes, the dogs and cats in our care are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated — and it’s no problem to give them a bath or buzz, too.

  ~ L.K., volunteer

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Startling Appearances Changed These Pets’ Futures

Nancy The Kitty:
People gasped when they saw the thin, white-and-black cat scrounging for food along curbs, barely avoiding being hit by cars. Now the stunned reaction to seeing Nancy the younger kitty is because she has a thick row of recent stitches where most of a leg used to be. No one had ever claimed the animal, despite the obvious need. Then one day it was seen with a bandage wrapped around a rear limb. Had someone tried to treat an injury? Was the bandage too tight? Because unfortunately, good intentions soon became bad results. Veterinarians said the combination of not enough living blood vessels and too much infection and damage meant that amputation was required to save the cat’s life.
After abandonment, fighting for survival and suffering much pain and hunger, Nancy is safe with us at the Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park and is getting better every day. She’s learning to use her notably shortened fourth leg as kind of a crutch to lean on. In fact, she seems to enjoy being carried, looking all around with big, gold eyes. Despite a traumatic past, Nancy is gentle and cuddly. Please consider giving this special feline a forever home she so deserves. Also visit our Cattery Page to see more available cats!  To DONATE towards Nancy's medical care, click here!

The Easter Egg Color Shih Tzus:
As for orphaned canines, we’re happy to report the adoption of two dogs that, like Nancy the cat mentioned above, were last seen on the streets. To many drivers, they were fuzzy blurs of what looked like dogs but had unexpected bursts of colors as they ran along a very busy street. Mocha and Tim are what a volunteer calls the “Easter Egg Color Shih Tzus” because their owner spray-painted them with green and pink, blue and purple. Neighbors believe the pups were often mistreated. Thankfully, this boy and girl are getting the second chance they deserve — this time with a caring family.

~Volunteer L.K
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Amazing Transformation * FOXTROT *

Looking at the before and after photos, would you believe this is the same Shepherd who came to us only a few months ago, tick infested, malnourished and petrified?  Believe it or is the same boy, and we had named him Foxtrot.

First featured in our March 29, 2014 blog (Read Original Blog), Foxtrot came to us in such a horrific state, that for us, it was possibly one of the worst cases we had encountered in a very long time. Every inch of his body was being eaten alive by parasites (Graphic photos can be seen on our Facebook Page.) The fact that this innocent creature even managed to survive his unbelievable ordeal, was simply a miracle.

Over the last few months in our care, and with much TLC, medical attention and good nutrition, Foxtrot has made an amazing transformation and has blossomed into a happy and healthy Shepherd...and a super handsome one at that, who always seems to turn heads while in public...and always seems to be the topic of conversation.  He is simply "Captivating!"
Foxtrot giving thanks to his caretaker

Foxtrot continuously shows his gratitude, and has learned to enjoy life’s little pleasures such as treats, toys and daily walks. In fact, he is quite rhythmic when he walks. He trots much like a stallion. Go Foxtrot!!!

We are all so happy for Foxtrot, but we would be even happier if he finds his forever home with an amazing, experienced and a compassionate guardian, one who can love him unconditionally and appreciate him for who he is. If you are that amazing guardian Foxtrot is waiting for, please call our office at (818) 340-1186/1687 to arrange for a meeting.
For more on Foxtrot click here
If you would like to make a DONATION towards the life changing work that we do every single day, and have been doing since 1983, please click here to make a secure online donation via PayPal.

Thank you on behalf of Foxtrot for making his transformation possible, and thank you from all of us at Pet Adoption Fund, Canoga Park, CA., a place of  "Healing & Love!"

~M.B. Volunteer

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